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Mold is a good thing that occurs naturally.  Without it our planet could not survive but we need to be able to control it in our homes, especially if your body  reacts negatively.

 With so many different types of mold, it’s normal to have some sort of mold in your home, however...

 Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.

 Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions.

 Young children, Seniors and people with compromised immune systems are among the higher risk groups to be affected by mold.


 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a growing concern for several decades and we are just beginning to understand how the air we breathe affects us.

 Studies show that indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside.

 Since the housing boom in the 70’s affordable materials made owning a home within the grasp of many Americans.  Houses were being built by the millions and the dream of home ownership became a reality.

 Since then however problems have been discovered that made tighter, more energy efficient homes breeding grounds for unwanted moisture and poor air quality.

 Identifying sources of moisture intrusion is what we do. Controlling water and moisture intrusion is the first step in defending your home from mold. Once found we can help you find a qualified Mold Remediation Company.

 If you are buying a home and suspect a mold issue it is important to thoroughly have it investigated within the Inspection Contingency Period.  More and more Sellers are having Air Quality Testing done to insure that the home they are selling will be habitable, helping eliminate  potential financial issues.  Smart Realtors (Both Listing and Selling Agents) are suggesting Indoor Air Quality testing to help insure the deal   doesn’t die, wasting precious time and money.

 Happy and healthy customers are what we want.

Consider IAQ testing for your home.